NM IDEA is committed to improving the State's business climate to encourage job creation and investment in our communities.


2016 Legislative Agenda

NM IDEA is the statewide association of economic development professionals. Through extensive community experience, NM IDEA members have found that New Mexico benefits from new jobs that increase the tax base, diversify the economy and expand personal wealth and opportunities for its residents. Adequately funding our proven programs and strategically developing new tools will help New Mexicans enjoy increased prosperity and a higher quality of life. NM IDEA supports:


  1. LEDA - maintaining NMEDD's LEDA fund appropriation at $50 million (non-reverting) for strategic economic development projects to increase competitiveness in closing projects, particularly when pitted against competing states.

  2. JTIP - maintaining NMEDD's JTIP appropriation to an evergreen $12 million (non-reverting) - training New Mexicans for jobs in our communities is a top priority for NM IDEA.  New Mexico has a truly successful program in the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP), which reimburses employers who hire our people.  We support funding this nationally-recognized program at $12 million, and strongly recommend that JTIP funds be non-reverting.

  3. NM Partnership - increase the New Mexico Partnership's budget - our state needs to dramatically increase its marketing efforts to overcome the lack of knowledge about New Mexico.  Companies can’t choose us if they don’t know we exist and what we have to offer.  The current budget for economic development marketing through the New Mexico Partnership is not competitive at $1,180,000, including staff.  NM IDEA supports an increase of $820,000 for a total budget of $2,000,000, for the NM Partnership to expand marketing programs for our state.

  4. Staff Augmentation Funding

  5. ED Marketing

  6. MainStreet

  7. Rapid Workforce

  8. Commercial Real Estate Inventory

  9. Broadband

  10. IRB’s